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Stand Fabrication FAQ ‘s

Where is Zoya from?

We are headquartered in India. We have 4 branch operations in India under the name of Orange Art Factory. And we have launched our Dubai operations as Zoya.

Is Zoya an agency or a fabricator?

We are carpenters and fabricators. Our carpenters are clearly trained for stand fabrication only. Down back in India, we are known for our direct work approach.

How many square meters of stalls have you done in Dubai?

To be honest, we are very new to Dubai. But our experience is 15 years, and we have built 100,000+ square meters of stalls till now in India and Katmandu.

Do you do 3D design for exhibition stands?

Yes, we do. Once you let us know your stand size and your product details, our team will do research on the expo and it’s participants. After that, we will try creating a unique 3D stand design.

How much does it cost per square meter to build an exhibition stand?

The cost completely depends on the stall design. The cost is based on the stand complexity. Or, in other words, a simple design will cost less.

Are your vendors local?

Yes, all our suppliers and vendors are from Dubai only.

How can we reach you?

If you wish to speak with our local representative, then check out our contact page. If you want to speak directly with marketing and design head, then you can call +918870766660

I don’t find my answer on this FAQ page.

Wow, then it should be a new one. No problem; you can write to us. Our team will respond to it quickly. Moreover, for sure, we will add it to our FAQ page.

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